2011 Enviromental Press Awards are open

The selection process for the 2011 Environmental Press Awards, run by chinadialogue and The Guardian, has begun. The awards, which are open to Chinese journalists, aim to promote objective and fair reporting, to raise the standard of environmental journalism, recognise excellent environmental reporting and advance development of China’s environmental sector.

2010 marked the first year of our environmental journalism awards. chinadialogue, UK newspaper The Guardian and Tencent Inc., together selected six finalists in the following categories: “biggest impact”, “in-depth reporting” and “investigative journalism”.  

Now 2011 is under way and preparations for our second Environmental Press Awards have begun. This time, the prize is being supported by sina.com. We look forward to reading your entries!  

Conditions of entry:  

You may submit articles related to the environment and climate change, published in print or online media between January and December, 2010.  

Making your submission:  

Articles may be recommended by media groups, colleagues or the writers themselves. Please email your submissions in electronic format to [email protected] before February 20, 2011. Along with your article(s), please briefly explain the importance of the topic and the impact of the article after publication.  

Dates of entry:  

January 6, 2011, to February 20, 2011.  


Ultimately, three to four overall winners will be selected and each awarded 10,000 yuan.  

Related activities and publicity:  

chinadialogue will translate the winning articles and publish them in both Chinese and English on chinadialogue.net and in our bi-monthly print journal. The Guardian will also publish an article about the awards.

In April, 2011, there will be an awards ceremony, to which celebrated Chinese environmental journalists and figures from the environmental world will be invited.