“Pastoral Areas and Market”

On China’s northern border, generations of herders have witnessed the history and evolution of the vast Inner Mongolian grasslands. Now, Da Lintai and Zheng Yisheng – long-time researchers in the region -- have produced Pastoral Areas and Market – A Herder-based Economics, an academic reference work detailing the profound changes the region and its inhabitants have undergone as Chinese society has developed.

The authors summarise the issues and challenges the grasslands area and people face, and in the book’s final section consider the future of both. In making specific proposals, for example, they say that promotion of the grasslands livestock industry should be founded on the protection of herders’ rights to the land. 

Da and Zheng also provide an economic analysis of the relationship between the grasslands ecology and the residents. Their book covers the issues involved in developing grassland resources, as well as the failings and inadequacies of the industrial-development model that relies on them – particularly within the dairy industry. As a reference work, this book is essential.

Pastoral Areas and Markets – A Herder-Based Economics
Da Lintai and Zheng Yisheng
Social Sciences Press, 2010

— By Zhang Yingying

Zhang Yingying is a chinadialogue staff member in Beijing.