“Green Golden Age”

Sun Haiyan and Sun Yang, in Green Golden Age, examine crises of the last 20 to 30 years and use simple, easily understood case studies to argue the need for humanity to enter a “green golden age”, while also analysing the impact such an ecological revolution may have on the world’s economy.

Unlike other environmental books, Green Golden Age takes a popular economics approach to describe the changes and trends that a green revolution would bring to the business world. It forgoes hasty calls and lengthy preaching, preferring instead to calmly and accessibly present the current circumstances and possible futures of such a revolution from a business point of view.

The book’s core message: “Green means future business opportunities – the promotion of innovation and the creation of commercial value.”

— By Zhang Yingying

Zhang Yingying is a chinadialogue staff member in Beijing.

Green Golden Age
Sun Haiyan and Sun Yang
China CITIC Press, 2010