Hong Kong confirms a swine flu case

The first case of swine flu in Asia was confirmed by Hong Kong’s government on Friday, the Guardian reported. Meanwhile, Mexico -- the country worst hit by the outbreak of the influenza A (H1N1) virus -- began a five-day nationwide shutdown in an effort to contain the spread of the flu. Globally, more than 330 cases have been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Donald Tsang, said a Mexican citizen who had flown to the territory, with a stopover in Shanghai, had developed a fever after arriving on Thursday. The patient has been isolated in a hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition. Tests by Hong Kong’s department of health and the University of Hong Kong confirmed the diagnosis, Tsang added.

Mexico has confirmed 156 cases and nine deaths, although authorities suspect the actual death toll is closer to 180. The United States has 109 cases and one death, a boy from Mexico who died in Texas. Thirteen countries around the world have reported confirmed cases, including Denmark, which announced its first case.

While the WHO’s latest figure was 331, it does not include all the most recent figures from various governments and disease control agencies.

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