“Reducing Pollution: Strategy and Policy”

Reducing Pollution: Strategy and Policy provides a comprehensive introduction to China’s recent thinking on these topics. Produced by the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development’s Working Group for Policies on Implementation of 11th Five-Year Plan Environmental Targets, this volume draws mainly on the group’s reports.


The first half of the book covers the main findings of the Working Group’s research, including analysis of current pollution trends, policy suggestions for implementation of 11th Five-Year Plan targets, and a look forward at pollution-reduction strategy for the 12th Five-Year Plan period.


In the latter half, an accessible analysis of earlier reports and case studies illustrating current emissions-reduction efforts is provided. The Working Group is able to provide ample supporting data, much of it new and first-hand, which greatly increases the book’s value.


At the end of the volume, the Working Group provides some innovative proposals for comprehensive energy-saving and emissions-reduction strategy and policy. For example, it says, policy should focus not only on the actual point of emissions, but also on earlier stages of the emissions process. Central government also should undertake pollution and emissions reductions in accordance with financial ability, it notes.


One new development is that this book is bilingual in part. The important sections on emissions-reduction planning and policy introduction are presented in both Chinese and English – no doubt of great help to overseas readers and research institutes, and a useful experiment for books of this type.


— Li Siqi


Reducing Pollution: Strategy and Policy
Working Group for Policies on Implementation of 11th Five-Year Plan Environmental Targets
China Environmental Science Press, 2008