China “met most Olympic goals”

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing met, if not exceeded, many of its environmental pledges, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Reuters reported. But, said a study released at a UN environmental meeting in Nairobi, China could have done more to work with grassroots groups and to reduce the Games’ total carbon footprint.


The study, by independent assessors, said the organisers of the Beijing Games had made great efforts to reduce air pollution and to invest in public transport and renewable energies. In spending more than US$17 billion on environmental projects for the Games last August, it said, the Chinese authorities exceeded their pledges in several areas.


Overall, the study concluded, Beijing had raised the environmental bar for mass-spectator events and left a lasting legacy for the city.


UNEP’s executive director, Achim Steiner, said: “The public attention of the world focused on the Beijing Games and whether the authorities could pull off a landmark event on many fronts, including the environment. They have fulfilled the promise of a Green Games in many areas, including public transport, waste treatment and green Olympic venues.”


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