Cyprus faces desertification

Cyprus faces the risk of desertification by the end of this century as the effects of climate change take hold, Reuters reported, citing a geophysicist at the Cyprus Institute. Researchers’ studies estimate that the Mediterranean island will experience a summer temperature increase of between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius, compared to 1960 to 1990 reference periods.

Manfred Lange, director of the institute’s Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre, projects that these higher temperatures will lead to significantly less rainfall and to more evaporation, resulting in desertification. The island, he said, can expect an additional two months per year of days with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees.


“Cyprus will, in fact, become more like Abu Dhabi or other states that we know because there is just not enough water,” Lange said. With about one million inhabitants today, the country uses an energy-intensive desalination process to meet some of its water needs, and water restrictions have been imposed.


The Cyprus Institute is examining new technologies, including concentrated solar power to co-generate electricity and drinkable water through desalination.

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