Oil spill at new Vietnam refinery

A damaged offshore cargo hose has caused an oil spill at Vietnam’s first refinery located off the country’s central coast, Reuters reported. Officials say they do not expect any delays in the scheduled opening of the 140,000 barrel-a-day refinery for February of next year.

"We are working with the refinery operators to clean the spill," an official from the environment department of Quang Ngai province told Reuters. He said that strong waves had broken a cargo hose while it was pumping diesel from a tanker to the refinery.


In the past two weeks heavy rains and strong winds have been damaging several central provinces.  This situation has caused river waters to rise to their peak levels and led to flooding in low-lying areas.


The Vietnam Nhan Dan (People) newspaper quoted Dung Quat operators as saying they were working on fixing the hose so that it could resume taking the 52,500 tonnes of diesel from a Singaporean tanker before November 30.


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