Bid to cut UK transport emissions

A report suggests that Britain’s transport emissions could be reduced by about a quarter in 12 years if the government changed its policies, the BBC reported. The study by the Campaign for Better Transport urges the government to focus on regulating lorries, vans, long-distance commuters and air passengers to achieve the largest pollution savings.

 The report indicates that by 2020 the United Kingdom could achieve emissions reductions of 26% based on 2006 figures. These reductions would include a 32% cut in passenger travel emissions and a 30% drop in domestic aviation emissions.

 The government says it is working to move freight off roads as well as to assist people with making greener local travel choices.


However, the report also states that the government’s efforts to make people who drive their children to school feel guilty about increasing global warming were misguided. According to the government’s own statistics, driving children to school accounts for only 4% of the UK’s total passenger-transport carbon emissions.

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