Obama “should create US power grid”

The incoming Barack Obama administration should focus on energy efficiency, renewable resources and creating a unified power grid, Reuters reported the Alliance for Climate Protection -- the group founded by former vice-president Al Gore -- as saying, in a new campaign to help the United States meet Gore's previously announced challenge for the country to produce 100% clean electricity in a decade.

Referring to Obama’s recent victory in the presidential race, the group’s adverts on television, in newspapers and online, ask the question, "Now what?"

"Our nation just made history," one video says. "We have an historic opportunity to boost our economy and repower America with 100% clean electricity within 10 years. It will create new American jobs, end our addiction to dirty coal and foreign oil and solve the climate crisis."

The plan calls for immediate investment in energy efficiency, renewable electricity generation — including public investment in wind, solar and geothermal technology — and the creation of a unified national "smart grid", which would move power quickly to where it needs to be and support electric cars.

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