Chinese firms join Climate Group

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile-phone operator, became the first state-controlled Chinese business to join the Climate Group, the Guardian reported. The Climate Group -- set up to help governments and businesses on the path to low-carbon futures -- also welcomed China's Suntech and Broad Air Conditioning as members making ambitious environmental commitments.

Suntech is the world’s third-largest solar-energy supplier and privately owned Broad Air Conditioning is the leading manufacturer of non-electric air conditioning units.

The Chinese government and many businesses have set targets to reduce energy used and increase renewable energy. However, the three new Climate Group members are said to be the first to commit to the organisation’s aims, which include significant reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, publishing information on emissions and supporting international climate-change agreements.

China Mobile has agreed, initially, to reduce the energy intensity of its US$47 billion annual business by 40%, double the national target. This could pave the way for other Chinese companies to publish plans to reduce absolute emissions and to join voluntary carbon-trading schemes.

Other companies in China already have applied to join the London-based non-profit group, said Steve Howard, the Climate Group’s chief executive. Of 100 to 150 world-leading companies being targeted to set an example to businesses and policy makers, he added, about 20 are in China.

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