Beijing offers anti-pollution cash

The Beijing government will give companies that cease highly polluting production a bonus of up to 2.3 million yuan (US$336,500), according to state media. This measure is the latest attempt in a series of measures to improve the Chinese capital's notoriously poor air quality, Reuters reported.


"The move is to stimulate the replacement of high-pollution industries with environmentally friendly economies," the official Xinhua news agency quoted the Finance Bureau of Beijing as saying. "Companies such as small cement and paper producers will be on the top of our list."


The amount of money handed out will depend on how much pollution is cut, or how much water and energy is saved, Xinhua added. The policy was the capital’s latest effort to cut pollutant emissions and save energy, the agency said.


Beijing has already put in place traffic restrictions modelled on those imposed during the Summer Olympics to address pollution, which had been a major concern for organisers and athletes in the run-up to the Games.


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