Brazil welcomes foreign money for Amazon

Brazil's government has created a fund to protect the Amazon rain forest from logging, despite concerns from some politicians who worry foreign investment in the fund will infringe upon national sovereignty.

The government’s goal is to raise US$1 billion within a year and $21 billion by 2021 to help protect the newly expanded borders of designated forest areas. Norway is set to make a $100 million donation next week.

This donation comes amid concerns from Brazilian nationalist politicians and media that foreigners who donate to the fund may try
to impose their own agendas on the country. The country’s environment minister, Carlos Minc, responded to questions about the influence of foreign farmers and nongovernmental groups in the region, saying: "Today, those who destroy the Amazon are Brazilians."

The UN estimates that deforestation of the Amazon rain forest accounts for 20% of greenhouse-gas emissions from human activities.

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