West Africa coast to be underwater by 2099

Swathes of west Africa's coastline will be submerged by the end of the century as a direct consequence of climate change, environmental experts have warned.

"The coastline will be completely changed by the end of this century because the sea level is rising along the coast at around two centimetres every year," Stefan Cramer, Nigeria director of German environmental foundation Heinrich Boll Stiftung, was quoted as saying.

The effects of sea-level rise will be most "dramatic" in Nigeria’s economic centre Lagos, which is just five metres above sea level, with some parts of the city lying below sea-level, he said.

Environmentalists blame the melting of the 3,000 metre-thick Greenland ice cap in the Arctic as being responsible for the coastal erosion."It is all due to climate change – the greenhouse-gas emissions result in global warming and subsequent melting of the Greenland ice cap," Cramer added.

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