Kenya eyes geothermal power

Kenya plans to build new geothermal plants in order to help double the east African country's energy capacity by 2018, Reuters reported. But some residents warn it may damage the local ecology

Kenya’s geologically active Great Rift Valley has a proven potential of 7,000 megawatts (MW) of geothermal energy, which does not create carbon dioxide emissions, the report said.

But Charles Kamami, a Maasai tribesman, was quoted as criticising the plans. "The pipes affect the migration of wild animals and where we can graze our cattle," Kamami said. "Also the vegetation has changed."

The country currently has a capacity of 1,110 MW of electricity, a mere 50 MW in excess of what Kenyans use during peak hours. Power disruptions are frequent, and nearly 80% of Kenyans are still off the grid.

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