Paris mulls electric car plan

Following the success of a citywide bicycle sharing plan last year, the mayor of the French capital, Bertrand Delanoë, has proposed a scheme to share electric cars across the city, the New York Times reported.

Under the scheme, Drivers could pick up and drop off the cars in designated car parks, paying only for the minutes they spend behind
the wheel. The programme would place 2,000 cars in the city and 2,000 in the suburbs, the report said.

"We should be open to this type of initiative, knowing that there is not one solution to the problems of transportation and climate
change," the report quoted Pascal Husting, president of green group Greenpeace France, as saying.

But not all Parisians are in favour of the plan. Some members of the influential Green Party want to see reductions in all car use,
including the use of electric cars.

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