India releases national climate plan

Solar power and energy efficiency are at the core of a strategy on global warming unveiled by the Indian government on Monday. The National Action Plan also said a fund would be set up to research clean technologies, but it did not commit to any emission targets that risk slowing economic growth.
The policy reflects India’s current stand on climate change, Reuters reported experts as saying, and would not please rich countries asking
for more commitment from the one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters.

"Our vision is to make India’s economic development energy efficient," prime minister Manmohan Singh was quoted as saying. "Our people have a right to economic and social development and to discard the ignominy of widespread poverty."

The plan centres on eight key areas: solar energy; energy efficiency; sustainable habitats; water conservation; sustaining the Himalayan
ecosystem; a large-scale tree-planting programme; sustainable agriculture; and creating a knowledge platform on climate change.

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