Landslides menace quake-hit China

As heavy rains batter southern China, thousands of victims of the May 12 earthquake are moving to escape the threat of rain-triggered landslides, officials said on Monday.

Aftershocks have added to the risk of landslides in recent days. "Continued tremors and multiple strong tremors have constantly caused shore collapses and mudslides on fragile slopes in Wenchuan County, and damaged houses have constantly collapsed in the tremors," state news agency Xinhua reported.

Officials will relocate 50,000 residents at risk of landslides in Wenchuan county, the epicentre of the quake, Reuters reported.

China has suffered floods across its south that have killed 57 people and forced 1.27 million to move to safer ground in recent days, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The national meteorological service has warned that the Yellow River, in northern China, might also see "quite large" floods this year.

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