Aftershocks hit southwest China quake zone

More than 420,000 houses have collapsed in Qingchuan county, Sichuan province, after two fresh aftershocks hit the area on Tuesday afternoon, state media reported. Three reservoirs are also said to be at risk of collapse after a 6.4 magnitude tremor on Sunday.

A 5.4 magnitude aftershock hit Qingchuan at 4.03pm, reports said, injuring 63 people. A 5.7 magnitude tremor also hit Ningqiang, in
neighbouring Shaanxi province, Xinhua reported, citing the China National Seismological Network. The report did not say if there were
any casualties.

The new aftershocks created 146 new geological hazards, Xinhua reported, including cracks and landslides in mountainous areas.

A 6.4 magnitude aftershock in Sichuan province on Sunday left three reservoirs in danger of collapse in Shaanxi province, the Ministry of
Water Resources said on Monday.

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