Report urges stronger climate curbs

Global temperature rises must be kept well below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid costly damage to people and their lifestyles, a European Parliament report has found.

The European Union has said that any warming of the climate by more than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels would be a dangerous change. But the report by German conservative Karl-Heinz Florenz seeks to go further, Reuters reports.
"All efforts to curb emissions should in fact aim at staying well below the 2 degrees target, as such a level of warming would already heavily impact on our society and individual lifestyles," Florenz wrote.

" The report called for the "rapid development" of eco-labelling to allow shoppers to trim their carbon footprints. European consumers must be given better information about the "carbon footprint" of goods they buy, the report said, including the so-called "food miles" of products imported from outside the EU.

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