Airline emissions ‘far higher than previous estimates’

The aviation industry's failure to curb its soaring carbon emissions could lead to the "worst case scenario" for climate change, a new study reveals. Airlines are pumping 20% more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previous estimates have suggested, the Independent reported on Thursday, with total emissions set to reach between 1.2 billion and 1.5 billion tonnes annually by 2025.

The study, by four government-funded research bodies in the US, France and the UK, is one of the most authoritative estimates of the growth of pollutants produced by the industry. It was presented to a conference co-organised by the United States’ Federal Aviation Authority but not given a wider audience, the newspaper said.

 "Growth of CO2 emissions on this scale will comfortably outstrip any gains made by improved technology and ensure aviation is an even
larger contributor to global warming by 2025 than previously thought. Governments must take action to put a cap on air transport’s unrestrained growth," Jeff Gazzard, from Aviation Environment Federation, was quoted as saying.

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