China to ‘actively join’ climate talks along with Japan

President Hu Jintao will pledge to "actively join" a post-Kyoto Protocol deal on tackling global warming together with Japan, agencies reported on Tuesday.

Japan and China will announce a joint statement on climate change during president Hu’s formal visit to Japan, which begins on Tuesday afternoon, the Japanese foreign ministry said.

"Both sides will actively join the negotiations on strengthening an effective process and a framework" after the Kyoto Protocol expires at the end of 2012, the ministry statement said. "China will take notice of Japan’s view that the world as a whole needs to slash greenhouse gas emissions at least by half by 2050 from the current level, and China will show its willingness to study ways and measures to realise the ultimate purpose" of the UN framework on climate change, it said.

China is also due to express support for Japan’s call for a "sectoral" approach on global warming, it said, in which each industry is judged by its efficiency.

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