Shell pulls out of world’s biggest wind farm

British politicians and green campaigners have accused Royal Dutch Shell of behaving irresponsibly after the energy company revealed plans to sell its share in a project to build the world's largest wind farm near London, raising a strong possibility that the project will be scrapped.

Shell has announced it is looking to dispose of its 33% shareholding in the US$4 billion London Array project, which would place some 341 wind turbines on offshore platforms where the River Thames meets the North Sea, around 100 kilometres outside the British capital. If built, the wind farm would supply enough electricity to power a quarter of homes in the greater London area.

"We’re very disappointed that Shell, which touts itself as a progressive green company, is pulling out of the London Array project, and leaving a key clean energy project high and dry," the International Herald Tribune quoted Friends of the Earth spokesman, Nic Rau, as saying.

Shell said it decided to sell its stake as part of its "ongoing review of projects and investment choices," noting the company has 11 other wind projects across Europe and the US.

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