China plans ‘zero emissions’ coal power by 2015

China plans to build a major emissions-free coal burning power station by 2015, Reuters reported the project chief as saying on Wednesday.

Su Wenbin, president of GreenGen, a firm controlled by state-owned power firm Huaneng Group, said he had escaped the funding and planning problems delaying similar ventures in the US and Europe because tackling climate change is a top priority for Beijing. "In China our system is different. When we decide to do something we can just push on with it…we know we will get government support," he was quoted as saying. 

The 400-megawatt plant, to be built in the coastal city of Tianjin, would use carbon capture and storage technology, which some analysts say could curb global carbon emissions by about one-third. 

Coal supplies about 80% of China’s electricity, the report said.

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