California signs agreement to help China cut emissions

The American state of California, which puts out more greenhouse gases than any other state, is promising to share ideas and research to help China cut back on its own carbon emissions.

Despite its output, however, California is leading efforts to curb emissions. The secretary of California’s Environmental Protection Agency, Linda Adams, was in Beijing on Tuesday to sign an agreement with the United Nations to help China’s efforts. "I think it will help show them they can indeed reach set targets and move forward on environmental protection and maintain a strong economy as California has," Adams was quoted as saying.

 Beijing is one of the world’s most polluted cities. Adams wrote on her blog that she arrived in the capital to hazy skies: "the Sun actually darkened by dirty air," she said. "But I was told that today the air is actually considered moderately good,"

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the state’s agreement with China recognizes that climate change requires a global solution. "America has to lead, and we are doing so with or without Washington," Schwarzenegger said in a news release. "California is not waiting for the federal government to take action."

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