Landslide hits town near Three Gorges Dam

The authorities evacuated around 200 people living near the Three Gorges Dam in central China because of a landslide, reports said on Monday.

The landslide hit on Sunday in Hubei province, Xinhua reported, inundating 37 homes and a primary school with rocks and mud. Residents

were moved to a temporary shelter before the landslide hit and no casualties were reported.

Nearly 830,000 people in Hubei have been affected by heavy rain that has poured down on the area since Friday.

Landslides in the area are occurring more frequently in recent years as the water level rises in the dam’s 410-mile-long reservoir. Experts
say that water is seeping into loosely packed soil and rocks, making them heavier and wetter, which can trigger landslides on steep slopes
rising from the Yangtze River.

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