China ‘not ready for emissions cuts’

China is still in an early stage of development and will not commit to any specific greenhouse-gas emissions cuts, state media quoted Zheng Guoguang, director of China Meteorological Administration, as saying.
"China is still at an initial stage of development," Zheng said, "the criteria imposed on developed countries would not fit us. Moreover, greenhouse-gas emissions should not be calculated by total quantity. China’s per capita emissions are only one-fifth of that of the Americans."
Zheng also detailed a new Chinese assessment on climate change. "From April this year, China will be working on a new ‘National Assessment on Climate Change’, based on three major areas of the IPCC Assessment Report, to provide a scientific foundation for the ‘China National Plan on Climate Change,’" Zheng said.
China’s national plan on climate change was released in June last year. It is China’s first policy document on tackling climate change, and was the first national plan on global warming to be published by any developing country.