Excess packaging concerns shoppers in 48-nation poll

Wasteful food packaging is among the fastest-growing environmental concerns for shoppers worldwide, an Internet-based survey in 48 countries shows, according to a Reuters report.

The poll, by the Nielsen Company in November 2007, indicated that 40% of 25,000 respondents were "very concerned" by trash from food
packaging, compared to just 31% in the previous survey in May 2007.

Half of those surveyed expressed willingness to give up "convenience packaging", but only about 30% would abandon packaging meant to keep food clean, untouched by other shoppers or, for instance, carrying labels with instructions for cooking and use.

The survey showed that New Zealanders were most willing to cut back. People in Finland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Norway also were among those most willing to cut. At the other end of the scale, people in Thailand and Japan were least willing to give up any kind of

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