Climate change ‘very low on big business agenda’

A poll of more than 500 major firms in countries including Britain, the US, India and China revealed that only one in 10 regard global warming as a priority, the Independent reported on Sunday.

The survey, carried out by the consulting firm Accenture, was reported as finding only 5% of companies – and not one in China – regarded global warming as their top priority.

Some 67% of businesses surveyed agreed they have a role to play in tackling global warming, the report said, but only four in 10 felt in a position to fulfil it. In China only 14% of those questioned felt in a strong position.

Nearly twice as many see climate change as imposing costs on their business as those who believe it presents an opportunity to make money, the report said.

As the world economy deteriorates, its publishers warn, business will concentrate even less on climate change.

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