Gore urges policymakers to step up action on climate change “emergency”

Al Gore, speaking at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting on Thursday, challenged global policymakers to increase action against the "planetary emergency" of global warming by making new laws, Reuters reported.

"In addition to changing the light bulbs, it is far more important to change the laws and to change the treaty obligations that nations have," Gore told business and political leaders at the conference in Davos, Switzerland. "One simple thing that will solve the climate crisis is to put a price on carbon … It needs to be effective globally," said Gore.

Rock star and anti-poverty campaigner Bono shared a platform with Gore for a session on climate and poverty. The issues must be tackled together, they said, because the developing world will feel the brunt of the climate crisis.

At Davos this year, there are a record number of sessions and workshops about global warming.

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