Environmental violations ‘rarely make it to court’

Less than 1% of more than 100,000 reported environmental violations actually made it into a Chinese court last year, the China Daily said on Wednesday, citing a new report.

The All-China Environmental Federation (ACEF), described as “the only nongovernmental agency active nationwide”, said on Tuesday that the numbers illustrate the challenges Chinese citizens face in reporting illegal polluters.

"The overwhelming majority of cases were stopped at the doors to the courts due to difficulties in getting them accepted and obtaining sufficient evidence," Lu Keqin, special consultant to secretary-general of the ACEF, was quoted as saying.

The two-year-old organisation has been working to increase awareness on green issues and attempts to rein in polluters. The ACEF’s legal service centre has so far provided more than 11,000 consultations on environmental cases and dealt with 212 cases of public environmental violations, Lu added.

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