Health expert blames pollution for China cancer rise

Worsening air and water pollution and frequent use of food additives and pesticides made cancer the top killer in China last year, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday, citing health experts.
A Health Ministry survey earlier in May said that cancer topped the list of 10 most lethal diseases for urban and rural residents in China. “
The main reason is that the pollution of environment, water and air is getting worse day by day,” the agency quoted Chen Zhizhou, a health expert from a cancer research centre, as saying.
“To pursue the growth in GDP, a lot of chemical and industrial enterprises were built along the rivers so that they could dump the waste through water easily,” Chen said.
“The contaminated water sources have directly affected soil, crops and food,” Chen said, adding that it, along with polluted air, is closely linked to the rise and high fatalities of cancer.