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Tracking China's soy and beef imprint on South America

A special collection of articles offering more sustainable ways to meet China's growing food demand
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The right to safe water in Southeast Asia

More than 100 million people live without access to safe water in Southeast Asia. What can be done to improve that and to protect clean water sources?
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Ocean biodiversity: Hidden depths

Our best writing from 2019 on deep seabed mining, marine protected areas and progress towards a high seas treaty
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A green Belt and Road

Can China help countries unlock the circular economy, green the global shipping industry and its overseas finance?
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China’s ecological leadership in focus

How green is the Belt and Road and, as host of a major UN biodiversity conference in 2020, can China lead the protection of the natural world?
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China and a changing energy landscape

The country is making strides with renewables but still funding coal power overseas.
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Can Chinese climate policy adapt to new pressures?

The government is contending with a faltering economy, industrial change and renewed growth in electricity demand.
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The changing landscape of climate politics

Following on from the UN climate talks in December, this report examines how extreme weather events in 2018 and stern scientific warnings are shifting the climate debate.
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