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Green finance for China

As China grapples with the question of how to build a more environmentally responsible investment sector, this short collection of chinadialogue articles explores the challenges and potential solutions
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Food safety in China

A special chinadialogue publication exploring China's food-safety crisis: the systemic problems behind the recent spate of scandals and possible paths to regaining public trust.
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China's grasslands: past and future

A collection of chinadialogue articles on China's grasslands looks at the challenges facing herders and the landscapes they inhabit, from climate change to settlement policies, and strategies for meeting them.
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Green law in China

A special series on chinadialogue looks at the development of environmental law in China. With case analysis from Chinese lawyers and commentary from global experts, we look at progress to date and ask how legislation can become a more powerful weapon in the fight against pollution.
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The economics of happiness

A chinadialogue special series on well-being, happiness economics and alternative measures of social progress. Includes essays and contributions from Tang Hao, Cormac Cullinan, Hu Angang, Tim Jackson and Jonathon Porritt."
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China's green revolution

In March, China officially adopted its 12th Five-Year Plan, a blueprint for the country’s development from 2011 to 2015. Its green targets will shape China’s action on the environment over the next five years.To mark the occasion, chinadialoguehas put together a collection of articles and exclusive comment for English language readers.
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China's nuclear future

A special series on chinadialogue considers the future of atomic energy in China in the light of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan and the resulting debate around the world.
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