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China remakes the map: Green Perspectives

This journal, produced in partnership with the Henry Luce Foundation, focuses on China’s environmental impacts overseas through a series of articles and on-the-ground reports. 
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Green Power: the purchasing intention of Chinese consumers

This survey looks at the level of public awareness around environmental pollution in China, and asks how willing are Chinese consumers to pay for green electricity. This research is commissioned by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) and conducted by IPSOS in association with chinadialogue.
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Journal: The 2016 China Environmental Press Awards

The latest edition of our journal showcases our 7th annual awards, supporting the work of Chinese environmental journalists. Organised in association with Renmin University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources and
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13th Five-Year Plan in Focus

The new edition of our journal examines China’s draft economic plan for the next five years, and the new targets that need to be met if the country is to tackle its environmental crises.
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Climate change: Paris and beyond

The new edition of our journal looks at the main issues at stake at UN climate talks in Paris and how the world can shift away from fossil fuels.
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China's low carbon future offers global opportunities

How is China shifting to a low-carbon economy? What is driving the transition, and how will it affect the negotiations? Our new report explores these crucial questions.
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Hot Air: climate negotiations and India

This report traces the evolution of India's climate policy and its stance at climate negotiations over the last few decades. It also asks: how India has championed the cause of the developing world?
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Journal - 2015 China Environmental Press Awards

This edition of our Journal showcases those China's environmental journalists who have shined a light on the country's pollution crisis and its causes, reflecting growing public unease about environmental degradation. 
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