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China and Colombia: building the peace?

After decades of conflict, will China's investments foster sustainable development following the peace deal with the FARC?​
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Climate reporting 101

Climate Reporting 101 (in Chinese) is a practical guidebook for journalists and those working on climate communications, created by China Dialogue. It includes basic knowledge about climate change and climate talks, and lessons learned by seasoned climate reporters from covering past climate talks.
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Silk road bottom-up: Regional perspectives on the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’

This report considers the social and environmental impacts of China's Belt and Road Initiative on a variety of countries in Asia.
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New perspectives on the new BRICS bank

The New Development Bank is emerging as an alternative source of infrastructure finance. In advance of the 9th BRICS Summit from September 3-5, our latest report​ ​examines the opportunities​ ​raised by the NDB, but also the risks to sustainability standards.
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China overseas

Will the New Silk Road be green? A review of China's infrastructure and energy investments in Latin America and South Asia.
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Climate politics in the age of Trump

​Our summer journal focuses on new climate politics in the Age of Trump, with reports on key debates and controversies around natural resources, energy supply and trade in the Pacific.
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Dim prospects for coal

Our latest journal examines China's efforts to reduce coal dependence, develop renewables and adapt to a changing climate. It also looks at China's overseas investment and the implications of international climate policy.
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Shadow over Marrakech summit

This journal looks at the Marrakech climate summit, the implications of Trump's election as US President, and China's energy transition.
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