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Marine ranching in China

After years of experiments, China is planning to transform its fishing industry and restore fish stocks with an ambitious expansion of coastal aquaculture.
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Climate governance: what’s next?

This report looks at the next steps for the Paris Climate Agreement and China’s climate governance following the ministerial reshuffle in March.
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China's looming water crisis

In this report, Charlie Parton argues that the scarcity of water in the north of China threatens social and economic stability, before then detailing why a holistic approach to resolving the problem is needed.
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New dawn for environmental ministries

China has reshaped its ministries in a radical effort to streamline governance and improve environmental protections. This journal gives a snapshot of how green politics are unfolding across the country.
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Taking stock of China's energy revolution

The government has been pushing hard to bring the country's dangerous levels of air pollution under control. In our new journal we look at how the pace of change has left some people out in the cold.
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Can there be climate leadership without the US?

Our latest journal looks at the state of climate leadership following the US withdrawal, China's urgent need for overside of green investments and whether the Belt and Road Initiative is compatible with the Paris climate goals.
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China and Colombia: building the peace?

After decades of conflict, will China's investments foster sustainable development following the peace deal with the FARC?​
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Climate reporting 101

Climate Reporting 101 (in Chinese) is a practical guidebook for journalists and those working on climate communications, created by China Dialogue. It includes basic knowledge about climate change and climate talks, and lessons learned by seasoned climate reporters from covering past climate talks.
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