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Policy briefing: EU-China climate engagement

Marc Craw examines the policies driving decarbonisation in the EU and China, and the synergies and gaps that are shaping their cooperation
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Sustainable seafood: China’s role in the global ocean

Findings from a two-year project exploring the impacts of fishing on marine life and artisanal fishers around the world
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Bucking the trend: South American soy and beef soar in times of Covid-19

As coronavirus hits South America's people and economies, soy and beef sales to China remain remarkably robust. This collection uncovers lesser-known aspects of the trade and examines efforts to improve traceabilty and sustainability.
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Towards a blue ecological civilisation

Some of our best reporting on marine governance, restoration and research
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Palm oil journal_2020

Palm oil: at the crossroads of sustainability

The pick of our reporting on the push for certified sustainable palm oil and why China and India are key
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Tracking China's soy and beef imprint on South America

A special collection of articles offering more sustainable ways to meet China's growing food demand
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The right to safe water in Southeast Asia

More than 100 million people live without access to safe water in Southeast Asia. What can be done to improve that and to protect clean water sources?
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Ocean biodiversity: Hidden depths

Our best writing from 2019 on deep seabed mining, marine protected areas and progress towards a high seas treaty
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