Ten stories you should have read on chinadialogue in 2015

Here are the most popular stories on chinadialogue from 2015, including pollution probes, the Nicaraguan canal and one of the most important Chinese documentaries ever made 
<p>(Image by IFC Infrastructure)</p>

(Image by IFC Infrastructure)

1. Nicaragua Canal: A giant project with huge environmental costs

A Chinese-funded US$50 billion inter-oceanic canal is an environmental disaster in the making, conservationists warn.

2. ‘Under the Dome’ may be a turning point for China's environment policy

Chai Jing's wildly successful documentary means that for Chinese environmental policy, nothing will ever quite be the same again.

3. China documentary on smog becomes an instant internet sensation

Documentary by former CCTV anchor about impact of Beijing's smog on her child gets hundreds of millions of clicks in just a few days after going online.

4. Dog slaughter could put Yulin govt in line of fire

A dog festival makes international headlines amid impassioned protests from China’s pet owners, raising hopes the event will be banned.

5. Photos from Yunnan ‘lead blood’ village released following top official’s removal

A mine owner and his local government protector for years covered up poisoning of dozens of local children.

6. China’s first killer whale show to prompt protests

The first performance of killer whales in a Chinese aqua park will likely prompt demonstrations from activists, who warn that an increasing amount of wild animals will end up in inhumane conditions.

7. China's new silk roads tie together three continents

China’s ‘new silk roads’ will have huge environmental consequences in Asia and Africa as giant infrastructure projects open up remote areas and build links reaching as far as Europe.

8. China's drinking water safety faces scrutiny in 2015

How well is China meeting ambitious goals for drinking water safety set five years ago, and is it under review as the government prepares its 13th Five Year Plan.

9. Why eco-cities fail

A new book explores the failed promise of Dongtan eco-city outside Shanghai and why so many other ambitious green projects lie abandoned.

10. China unveils landmark plan to curb water pollution

China's cabinet unveils long-awaited plan to improve water supplies and shut down factories that are poisoning rivers, lakes and groundwater.