How UK households waste energy

The UK government is failing to educate energy consumers on waste and efficiency, if a new government report  is an accurate guide. According to the report, computers, televisions and other electrical products, plugged in but not in use or left on standby, cost the UK up to £1.3 billion in electricity bills every year. This equates to some 16 per cent of energy bills, money and energy wasted by consumers.

The report also revealed that British TV sets are on for more than six hours a day, instead of the five hours previously thought. This adds up to 400 hours of viewing per household a year, equating to over 10 billion extra hours nationwide at an extra national cost of £205 million a year.

The study was the first to go into 251 British homes to monitor energy usage in real situations, giving a detailed snapshot of what domestic appliances are used and for how long. The results highlighted the fact that consumers were using, and wasting, more energy that had previously been thought, with the implication that clearer efficiency labelling and a clearer understanding how behaviour can save consumers money could produce dividends.