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Founded in 2009 by Robert Kuok and his nephew Kuok Khoon Hong , Yihai Kerry (a 99.99% owned subsidiary of Wilmar International) is China's largest agri-food processing businesses. It operates 62 production bases in the industries of edible oil refining, oilseed crushing, and the processing and sales of specialty fat, oleochemicals, kitchen food and feed ingredients across China. In 2018, YK accounted for 21% of the total palm oil imports into China.

RSPO Member : Yes RSPO Member : Yes

Environmental, Social, Governance Rating (SPOTT)

Not listed

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) rating from SPOTT - Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit.
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Market cap


Million US$



(YKA does not own or operate plantations)

Supply chain position


Processor and trader of crude palm oil and palm kernel oil | Refiner | Trader and manufacturer of consumer goods, animal feeds and oleochemicals

Refineries / capacity


refineries, in Guangzhou (annual refining capacity of 661,000 MT), Lianyungang (620,000 MT) and Fangchenggang (511,000 MT)

NDPE Policy


No Deforestation, No peat, No exploitation

Market served


Parent Company

Wilmar International


(See Wilmar International)


Famous brands under Yihai Kerry include Arawana, Olivoila, Orchid, Wonder Farm, Neptune, Fengyuan, Golden Delicious, Reyland, Jiejin 100. Sold to consumers as small package edible oil, fine dried noodles, special grains, as well as oils for the catering and food service industry. YKA also serve the specialty oil industry (ie baking oil, nutritional oil, industry chocolate, syrup, vegetable protein, lecithin, food grade glycerol, monoglyceride, oil for confectionery and chocolate) dietary supplements, beverages, brewing, frying, liquid non-dairy creamer, frozen food, seasoning and other non-food domains (oleochemicals, pharmaceuticals) as well as palm kernel expeller for animal feed.


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