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Founded by Robert Kuok in 1991, Wilmar is one of the largest listed companies by market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange and is estimated to control around 40% of the global palm oil supply chain through shareholding and operational control across its network of international subsidiaries. It operates more than 500 manufacturing plants globally and supports a workforce of over 90,000 people. In both India (Adani Wilmar) and China (Yihai Kerry), Wilmar International's subsidiaries are the major importers and traders of palm oil.

RSPO Member : Yes RSPO Member : Yes

Environmental, Social, Governance Rating (SPOTT)


Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) rating from SPOTT - Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit.
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Market cap


Million US$



hectares (across Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria)

Supply chain position

Fully Integrated

Grower of oil palm | Processor and trader of crude palm oil and palm kernel oil | Refiner | Trader and manufacturer of consumer goods, animal feeds and oleochemicals

Refineries / capacity



NDPE Policy


No deforestation, No peat, No exploitation

Market served

International, Asian, African

Parent Company



400+ subsidiaries including Adani Wilmar Limited (50-50 JV in India), Yihai Kerry (99.99% owned subsidiary, China), PPB Oil Palms Berhad (Malaysia), PT Sentratama Niaga Indonesia, Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited, Olenex Edible Oils (Europe).


Crude palm oil, Crude palm kernel oil, Food ingredients (bakery – shortenings, laminating fats, frying oils, margarines, flaked shortenings, hardstocks, melanges, food service) specialty oil industry (eg baking oil, nutritional oil, industry chocolate, syrup, vegetable protein, lecithin, food grade glycerol, monoglyceride, oil for confectionery and chocolate) dietary supplements, beverages, brewing, frying, liquid non-dairy creamer, frozen food, seasoning and other non-food domains (oleochemicals, pharmaceuticals) as well as palm kernel expeller for animal feed.


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