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Founded in 1865, Cargill is one of the largest privately held corporations in the US by revenue. Cargill is vertically integrated in the palm oil supply chain with company owned oil palm plantations in Indonesia and a global network of refineries processing crude palm oil (and other edible oils). Cargill is a leading manufacturer of ingredients, i.e. palm oil derivatives, as well as biofuels, which are sold globally.

RSPO Member : Yes RSPO Member : Yes

Environmental, Social, Governance Rating (SPOTT)


Source: Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) rating from SPOTT - Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit.
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Market cap

Private company



hectares (across five plantations in Indonesia)

Supply chain position

Fully Integrated

Grower of oil palm | Processor and trader of crude palm oil and palm kernel oil | Refiner | Trader and manufacturer of consumer goods

Refineries / capacity



NDPE Policy i

No Deforestation, No peat, No exploitation


Market served


Parent Company



Cargill Palm Products Sdn Bhd. Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd . Cargill BV, Netherlands; Cargill NV, Belgium; Cargill GmBh, Germany; Cargill Oil Packers BVBA,Belgium. Cargill Incorporated , USA . Cargill International Trading Pte. Ltd , Singapore . Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, Netherlands. Cargill Australia. Cargill India Private Limited. Cargill Grain & Oilseeds Co., Ltd in Yangjiang, Nantong and Dongguan, China.


Crude palm oil, and edible oils for product manufacture, including cooking oils, margarines, shortenings, as well as palm oil derivatives and oleochemicals for personal care products, pharmaceuticals and animal feeds. Cargill is also engaged in biodiesel production.


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