Sweden says step up

Andreas Carlgren, the Swedish environment minister, today asked the United States and China to stand up and do more on climate change. In a speech that drew cheers in Copenhagen he said:

"I turn to the United States and China. Together you are responsible for half of the global greenhouse gas emissions. You have different responsibilities and capabilities. From the United States we expect, as from all developed counties, a legally binding economy-wide commitment to reduce emissions.

From China we expect binding actions. Your ability to reduce emissions will be absolutely crucial. It is promising that you have come forward with your contributions in an international context. However, the world needs more and we are confident that you have the ability to deliver more. Let us be honest with each other: Together your ambitions to limit emissions will make or break the world’s efforts to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore I turn to you, as a friend and a committed partner, and I say: United States and China: unleash your full potential and thereby the world’s efforts – make it possible for the world to stay below 2 degrees!"

Thanks to chinadialogue advisor Malini Mehra of the Centre for Social Markets for the tip.