Locked out

If you have an Non-Governmental (NGO) badge, today is probably your last inside the Bella Centre. Only 1,000 NGO representatives will be allowed in to the building on Thursday and then only 90 on Friday. Yesterday I spoke to Herbert Giradet of the World Future Council, who was planning to protest what he views as an attempt to reduce the transparency of the negotiating process. Danish Minister Connie Hedegaard had earlier asked for more participation from NGOs but conceded that the conference needs to make room for the swollen security details of world leaders. Unconfirmed reports this morning (Wednesday) suggest that ahead of the lock down two large NGOs – Avaaz and Friends of the Earth – have been denied access completely.

But it isn’t just us whinging greenies complaining. An NGO badge covers everyone from representatives of Hong Kong energy companies to religious leaders. I guess I’ll see you all in Christiania then?