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National power spot market rules released

China has introduced its first rules to govern a national power spot market

National desertification plan released

China's third national plan on the issue aims to boost local economies in desertification-prone regions

An inconvenient truth along the Belt and Road

The temperature in countries “along the Belt and Road” will continue to rise, with the increase greater in high-latitude regions, predicts a new report

Work continues on adapting cities to climate change

The government is calling for further applications to become “climate-adaptive pilot cities”

New plans revealed for China’s national parks

Guan Zhiou, head of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA), has given an update on China’s national parks

China publishes first Blue Book on ecological redlines

Over 30% of China’s land is now protected by the redlines, highlights a new book published by the Ministry of Natural Resources

‘Green certificates’ now cover all renewable power

The government has expanded the scope of “green electricity certificates” which prove power has been renewably sourced in China

Lethal heavy rain hits northern China

Despite weather warnings, downpours have resulted in 20 deaths and 33 missing persons in Beijing and Hebei, Xinhua has reported

Floods return as heatwave continues

On 16 July, the air in Xinjiang’s Turpan Depression hit 52.2C, breaking the national temperature record

New energy vehicle sales up 37%, shows first half economic data

China’s imports of coal and oil grew rapidly in the first half of this year, but so did its production and sale of “new energy products”