Apple under spotlight in China again

Apple - maker of the iphone - faces new allegations of worker mistreatment in the factories of one of its suppliers, the Pegatron Group

The US-technology giant Apple has been accused of multiple labour rights violations, including hiring underage workers, excessive working hours, poor working and living conditions and abuse by management at one of its Chinese suppliers.

Investigations by China Labor Watch (CLW) have revealed factories owned by Pegatron Shanghai, which supplies Apple, is violating Chinese law and standards, as well as Apple’s own social responsibility code of conduct.

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In May 2013, Apple had proclaimed that its suppliers had achieved 99% compliance with the company’s 60-hour workweek rule. However, not only is 60 hours a violation of China’s 49-hour statutory limit, but the average weekly working hours in the factories investigated was actually closer to 70 hours.

Apple has faced repeated revelations of poor working conditions at its supplier factories. In response to these latest findings Apple released a statement saying it was in close contact with China Labor Watch about the findings and would be conducting its own audit of the factories.

"We will investigate these new claims thoroughly, ensure that corrective actions are taken where needed and report any violations of our code of conduct," it said.